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In 2011 I had the joy of releasing the album A Message of Love together with my group One In Christ. It was a big blessing to collaborate with such gifted singers and musicians. We were encourage and moved by the way God's love was present during our recordings as well as in concerts.

For a long time recording a second album with this group has been on my heart, and I am so grateful that it's happened. I am excited to see how things will develop. My vision is for the songs to reach out with hope and encouragement to many people and, through the sales of the album, support the worldwide child sponsorship charity 'Compassion'.


A very special thank you to Alison Evans, a guest at Scargill  House, UK that I met when I was there during summer 2018. Her generous financial support was a great encouragement to me and helped me find the courage to start this process! 

The recordings with the singers and musicians in One In Christ took place in September 2019. In the beginning of 2020 the string and horn arrangements, written by Ola Hedén and Christoffer Wallin respectively, was recorded. The release of the album - 18th of September 2020. 


The head producer of the album is Tobias Grenholm. A very much appreciated and gifted producer of gospel music in Sweden. 

The title of the album is Give us compassion. The message is about trusting God and seeking His heart for the world. We can do this because...


God is generosity. In a world filled with fear we need the courage to be generous people embracing the prayer Give us compassion in all that we are and do. With a generous mindset we can live lives in gratefulness, and in our gratefulness we can conquer fear. 

God is vulnerability. Even though He has all power in His hands He chose to save the world through becoming vulnerable in and through Jesus Christ. In a world filled with abuse of power we need the courage to be vulnerable people. This is the way we create an environment where God's love and grace can be present in us and through us. 

God is community. We all face times of struggle and sorrow. In those times we have Jesus by our side. He is our greatest comforter who knows everything about what it means to suffer and to be in constant need of His heavenly Father. When we struggle we are reminded of this need that is always true, no matter our circumstances. We are created for community with God and each other. 

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